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Non-invasive Therapy to Burn Fat and Build Muscle - No Downtime!

Treatments with EMSculpt are secure, non-intrusive, and most importantly, effective! EMSculpt stimulates the targeted muscles, which then contract. Regular activity cannot cause these muscular spasms. The ultimate result gives your stomach and buttocks a deep muscular exercise, lifting, contouring, and toning for a gorgeous, sensual appearance.

Following a series of treatments, EMSculpt has been shown to:

decrease fat by up to 19%
increase muscular mass by up to 16%
Up to 11% less diastasis recti can be achieved.
100% of patients are satisfied!



The High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEMĀ®) technology employed by EMSculpt during treatment causes strong contractions in the targeted muscle areas in your buttocks and belly. Compared to the contractions we can regulate ourselves, these supramaximal contractions are significantly deeper and stronger. EMSculpt removes fat while constructing muscle by inducing the muscles to contract and relax repeatedly at this level and rate.

As you’ve probably seen by now, EMSculpt excels at producing more than simply eye-catching footwear. It’s a fantastic tool for hardening and defining a six-pack because it targets challenging muscles that are a little deeper than those that can be worked out with crunches and situps. Both men and women can attain the spectacular results they want with EMSculpt, which firms and tones the abs and lifts the buttocks to give you the sexy appearance you’ve been striving for. A complete course of treatment entails a minimum of four sessions of 30 minutes each, spaced two to three days apart. Your healthcare professional will work with you to develop a treatment strategy based on your unique objectives.